Friday, 18 October 2013


For the initial moodboard brief I chose the brand Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens originated from Germany during the war (1945). Dr. Märtens created the original boot because he wanted a soft leather boot with cushioned soles to support his injured ankle. An old university friend helped Dr Märtens to sell the boots and by 1959 the pair were looking to expand internationally and British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought patent rights to manufacture the shoes in the United Kingdom, Griggs changed the brand name to Dr. Martens, added the trademark yellow stitching and added a trademark to the AirWair soles. 

DM's are often associated with British sub-cultures such as punks, new-wave, skinheads and with the grunge scene during the nineties. Therefore I sought out images that represented such sub-cultures such as the brick walls, close-up of customised denim and plaid / tartan print. 


I chose to rip the images to create a rough texture which I think suits the brand image (carefree, reckless). I also used some B&W images of the punk, skin-head and new-wave scene to represent the history of DM's. 

I included the text 'tough love' because DM's are noted for their durability and wear which is quite often a selling point for the consumer to buy from the brand.

Amy Dennett


  1. love this, the pictures are perfect and go together so well xx

  2. Doc Martens are the perfect shoes for almost any occassion. Lovely moodboard by the way! (: