Thursday, 14 November 2013


We got to go on a trip to London as a chance to conduct some primary research for our chosen brand for project 2. Myself, Georgia, Whitley, Alice and Courtney had chosen Jack Wills as our brand and our first point of call whilst in London was to Selfridges were there is a JW concession alongside some of their competitors such as Ralph Lauren. We managed to take some pictures.
We also visited the Burberry store to see the new technology for first hand. This new instore technology basically consists of a gigantic screen that resembles a mirror where you can hold the tag to it and it shows you the item on the catwalk or what else it would go with. This inspired us to think about something similar for Jack Wills however that idea was scratched I think on the tube back as we decided that perhaps Jack Wills would benefit better from something that appeals more to their target demographic: university students.

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